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Software Dynamics has been successfully focused on good design strategy, tactics and execution since it's origin in 1989.

World-class award-winning work - Financial and creative success - Engaging, Influential designs

We put the same care and attention into designs used by millions worldwide as one-offs for smaller clients. We started with better ways to do multimedia story-telling and incorporating visual cues to help in real-time safety systems. Productivity is our passion.

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We have gone by several monikers over the years (Dynamic Information Systems, Software Dynamics, Dynamic Karma). We gravitate to the word "dynamic" because it is the most central, vital aspect of how we design.

Who are we designing for? What needs will they tell us about? What unspoken needs are just as important? What's the deliverable? Is the payload "interactive fun", or "resolving task lists", "improving learning outcomes" or "handling a real-time emergency"? Who does this affect? How does our research help us deliver exactly the right information in the right form at the right time? Great design comes from great research.

We design interfaces for an optimal dynamic, live experience, not just to look at and admire. Our committment to agile processes helps us be as "dynamic" as the software we design.



Our successful designs have been used for desktop applications, mobile/desktop web sites and many web-centric applications. A few highlights:

  • Magic, the massively successful shareware screensaver product.
  • After Dark (Magic's successor), the most successful product of its time, considered the definitive example of its genre.
  • Inner Space, the award-winning first Windows action game and longest-selling software.
  • PowerDrawers, the award-winning user interface enhancement package for Windows.
  • Web design work for AOL & HP, (AOL PC, app installers and the Netscape web browser)
  • Design work for Microsoft and HP, including multimedia showcases, animations, browser enhancements, and the Messenger Connection Wizard.

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Bill started SDi as a one-man operation and it has expanded and contracted over the years as needs demanded. We've helped many partners and employees do some of their best work in conjunction with us, including the design, dev, test and support teams for many high-profile world class products. Notable contributors were Garrett Gallant, Brad Shurman, Scott Davidson, Doug Blackley, Samantha Fox and Ian MacDonald, co-creator of our screensaver products. We later worked with luminaries and executives from DivX, LucasArts, Microsoft, Adobe, Netscape and AOL.

Our founder and president, Bill Stewart, has a long history of design and development. He started as a computer instructor in 1982, winning international technical and design awards both as a student and a professional. He is known for his ability to transform complex information and business goals into clear strategy, actionable tactics, and smooth execution. He has made mountains of mistakes and designed many amazing products.

According to Bill:

"Experience has taught me to approach every new problem fresh, to not make assumptions and to promote healthy team communication to dig for solutions. I've learned the most by making mistakes and developing strategies to avoid them. If you are afraid to make mistakes, you are afraid to succeed.

Great success is built on the shoulders of what we learn from our errors. Every project has made me more sure-footed, agile, and ready to help clients succeed. "

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