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  • Fast Strategic Action
  • Sound, Voice and Music that follows the action
  • Advanced AI adapts to your play style
  • Race Tracks, Battle Zones, Inner Demon game-within-game
  • Dozens of Wild Weapons, Hundreds of Ships to play
  • Works on every 16 or 32-bit version of Windows        (Win 3.1, 98, 2000, Me, NT, XP, Vista, Win 7)
  • Works on 64-bit versions of Windows using free app DosBOX     (Windows 7, 8 and Windows 10)


Your computer's Inner Space has been invaded by evil forces. All your icons are running loose and things are falling apart.
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to enter Inner Space, capture or destroy the loose icons and restore order as you see fit.


The seemingly simple interface hides complex adaptive artificial intelligence that changes the game based on how you play over time. If your ship gets damaged, call the IS Ambulance for repairs or to exchange captured icons for fuel, repairs, and advanced weapons.


Inner Space is filled with hazards, friends, enemies and the IS Police Force to keep you on the straight and narrow. If they catch you breaking the rules, the Enforcers will bring you in to the Hall of Justice to set you straight.


You will encounter pirates, heroes and opportunities to make friends or enemies as you go deeper. Detour out of the game into race courses, duel zones and search for the Inner Demon. Customize the game by creating your own ship in the Ship Factory.


"This is an awesome action game...Intense. Finally, a game that lives up to its claims."
-Dan Nguyen, Games Domain
"This is a deep, fun, easy-to-learn game that has lots of replayability."
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"It's an animated, audio-filled blast that's taking over the game world!"
-Computer Life UK
"OPERATION: inner space is a great game that will astound you! An excellent example for other developers to emulate. I give it 98 out of 100"
- Kevin Diehl, Gamer's Ledge
"I absolutely love Inner Space. Excellent sound and graphics, and I loved the Ship Factory to create your own ship types. Tons of fun to play for hours and hours. This game is definitely one of the World's Best!"
- Editor, The Shareware Shop
"Inner Space is a remarkably clever, fun and addictive game! Turning directories, applications and icons from real files into a playable game is simply brilliant. Utterly non-violent, or a constant blast fest, according to your actions. "
- Jennifer Diane Reitz, Happy Puppy Games
"Inner Space does it all for you right now. A slick native Windows game that rivals the best the Mac world has to offer. An amazing feat! "
- Dan Gookin, Maximize Magazine
"Ever wish for a Windows game with graphics that scream at 36 frames per second even on a puny 486, that's easy for anybody to learn but challenging enough to keep gamers coming back for more? Inner Space encourages and empowers your creativity! "
- Vic Long, Computer Life
"This game grows on you. It can be pure action or pure strategy, depending on how you handle yourself. Inner Space has a sophisticated artificial intelligence that makes it endlessly entertaining. "
- PC Multimedia & Entertainment Magazine
"Awesome! Simply the best."
- Alan Simpson, Windows 95 Uncut
"Action Games Finalist. The best of a new breed of native Windows games. "
- Ziff Davis Shareware Awards
"Un grand jeu eneit sous Windows "
- Windows Plus (France)
"Inner Space's fun game play is unique. Hot Game Pick of the Month. "
- Windows Magazine, Ziffnet & Wugnet
This fast paced action game is the first & best actually built for Windows. Amazingly fast, interesting and addictive! "
- G+ Game Preview, Midnight Publications


The cheat codes only work if you have a registered (paid-for) copy of the game.

The secret codes allow you to powerup your ship, add more weapons, and win or escape certain situations. These codes were added to make it easier for us to test the game. Success is more meaningful if you don't use the codes, but it's OK to take the easy path once in a while.

To enable all secret codes, press the DELETE key while playing the game. The score will appear white when secret codes are enabled as opposed to the normal orange score. Your score will appear blue when your ship has invulnerability enabled.

F3 - Powerup Ship Guns
F4 - Enter Black Hole to fight Inner Demon
F5 - Bring Enforcer into wave
F6 - Enforcer enters wave to arrest me
F7 - Main ship gets all Noble Weapons
F8 - Main ship is invulnerable (toggle on/off)
F9 - No new defenders in game
1 - Automatically win a race
2 - Exit Dodge City
3 - Bring a Knight into wave
4 - Bring a Pirate into wave
5 - (in Demon's Gate) Go to Game Ending
6 - Increase main ship fuel
7 - Add Wildcard weapon to all ships
8 - Add 1 icon of credit to user's ship
9 - Powerup ship thrusters


Skip codes let you skip transitions in the game that repeat often. To skip transition sequences, use the Skip Sequences control on the Game Setup Display Options dialog. You can set it to Skip None, Some, or All transitions such as launch/landing scenes and pre-mission briefings.

Icon Races
Some directories in the game are race tracks where you have to race for the icons. The Inner Space directory (C:\SPACE by default) is a special place and is always an icon race directory.

Press ESC to jump to New Game/Restore Game dialog. Press SPACE to jump to next part of intro. When the ship launch scene appears, press SPACE to jump past the text welcoming you to the actual launch animation.

Inner Demon
While in the Inner Demon's black hole, press ESC to exit the black hole. You will return unharmed to the game where you were when you came into the hole.

Quick Exit from Playing
If you want to immediately exit a game back to the intro, hit ESCAPE key while in normal play mode.


Defeating the Inner Demon
The Inner Demon is one of the things we get asked about most. Since it is a shortcut to finish the game, we made it a bit subtle and tricky. Below is an explanation of what the Inner Demon is and step-by-step instructions on how to defeat the Inner Demon and win the game.

What the Inner Demon is All About
The Inner Demon represents a dark part of your psyche and wields interesting powers, known as the Noble Weapons. He pulls you into his black hole from time to time to distract you from the main game and hammer your ship with his Noble Weapons. However, when he pulls you into his lair, he is also giving you the opportunity to steal his powers.

Getting the Noble Weapons
Therefore, the point of the Inner Demon is not to try to destroy him directly, but to steal all his powers and then vanquish him. The 4 dragons that protect the Inner Demon's lair each contain 1 of the Noble Weapons. If you feed energy to a dragon (by sending laser shots into his mouth), eventually the dragon will release his energy. The dragon's energy will fly around the black hole and then dissipate unless you catch it by flying into it with your ship. If you catch the energy, you will acquire that dragon's Noble Weapon.


What Can I Do With the Noble Weapons?
Since the Noble Weapons come from your Inner Demon, they are somewhat ethereal powers, but can be very potent when used in the game.

Enlightenment - This weapon looks like a firework and moves like a heat-seeking missile. It is a very good weapon for stunning a ship and inflicting some damage at the same time.

Uncertainty - This weapon shakes Inner Space itself, stunning everything but the ship that deploys it. It also can be used defensively. If a missile is on its way to hit you, uncertainty can neutralize it, although the exact way it does so is random.

Attractive Force - This Force allows you to pull everything in space towards you. It is useful if a ship is running away or to pull icons or fuel cans, although it will also pull rocks and other harmful objects if they are around.

Repulsive Force - This Force will repel laser shots from ships or turrets. The focus of the force is on the front of the ship, so it will not protect the rear or sides. To use effectively, aim directly at a laser shot and it will not hit you.

Inner Force - This is a combination of Attractive and Repulsive Forces. Once you have both forces, you can unify them in the ambulance. It allows you to pull things toward you while simultaneously repelling enemy shots.


Once you have acquired all the Noble Weapons, it is possible to finish the game in the Demon's Gate directory. As the pre-wave briefing coyly suggests, you need to start by deploying the Uncertainty weapon.

Uncertainty will shake Inner Space and cause an anti-self of you to appear. The anti-self will be a ship that is identical to your ship in every way (weapons, appearance, etc.), and is trying to destroy you. This is made more difficult because you will find that your ship cannot move although the anti-self can move freely.

This is a good time to use the Inner Force. By using the Inner Force, you can pull the anti-self toward you and yet shield yourself from their shots. You have the option of activating Uncertainty again and freeing your ship to move around. However, if you do this, the anti-self will try to leave the wave. Only by defeating the anti-self can you move to the next step.

If you destroy the anti-self, a key will appear. You can use the Inner Force to pull the key toward you. Once you get the key, your ship should be able to move freely and you will receive a message to "follow the Enlightened Path and free your Inner Demon". If you use Enlightenment, a black hole will appear and pull you into the Inner Demon. Now that you have taken all the Inner Demon's powers and destroyed the anti-self, you have only to touch the Inner Demon to break his spell and finish the game.

After you touch the Inner Demon, you will see the black hole collapse, the Demon disappear, and you will find yourself suddenly in the Inner Space ambulance. Your ship will launch for the last time, flying back out of Inner Space, which you have now conquered by vanquishing the Demon.