The Adventure Inside the Machine

Your mission is to explore and bring order to Inner Space, the world inside your computer. Capture or destroy icons running loose, make allies & avoid enemies in this fun-filled blast. The misleadingly simple interface hides a vast game world you can play strategically, tactically or as a simple shooter.

Endless Play Value

The game world is generated based on your actual computer and changes based on how you play.
Explore the realm of Inner Space to discover Race Courses, Duel Zones, Special Powers & the Inner Demon, but watch out for the IS Police Force or you could lose it all in the Hall of Justice.

The Classic Game Experience

Inner Space has been the classic Windows game for 22 years because it's a personalized experience for each player. You can even use the Ship Factory to design your own ships.

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  • "This is an awesome action game...Intense. Finally, a game that lives up to its claims."
    -Dan Nguyen, Games Domain
  • "This is a deep, fun, easy-to-learn game that has lots of replayability."
    -Download Games NOW!
  • "It's an animated, audio-filled blast that's taking over the shareware game world!"
    -Computer Life UK
  • "OPERATION: inner space is a great game that will astound you!"
    - Kevin Diehl, Gamer's Ledge


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